Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello Everyone! Kisses to all my friends out there in internet land. It's me Molly. I thought I'd post a picture of me and Simon in our Easter best (for 2009). Simon wasn't too keen on the shirt and tie being buttoned on his neck so he opted for the tie on the second button look. He's so Simon. Oh well. I looked marvelous as always in pink. Since I wear Easter dresses everyday, I actually didn't stand out very much. Everyone always looks at me quizically if I have on a shirt and pants/shorts. That's when I look out of place. I'm a girly girl, what can I say?

I hope you all had a great Easter. We did!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey there! It's us. Molly & Simon. Our latest adventures have included a LOT of Star Wars. We've been watching the movies and trying to conquer "Star Wars Lego" on XBox & DS. In the meantime, we also got life sabers and in this particular instance (picture), Darth Simon (looking very ominous in underwear) has just captured Princess LeiaMolly. I suppose we should ask mom for a jedi robe next time instead of a Darth Vader mask. Surely she can find some discount brown fabric.
Anyway, we are excited for summer. I (Molly) am a bit tired of schoolwork and want a break. I (Simon) am excited for my birthday number FOUR next month. We are going to have a bouncy house and a big party so plan to be there if you can on May 21st!!! Keep it real!