Friday, June 23, 2006

Holy COW! Today was a HUGE day and tomorrow will be even bigger. It's me Molly Mudd and this is my last day of being the big fat 2. Tomorrow I turn 3 so look out world. Anyway, about today. I went swimming TWICE and the first time was with my friend Kenna (my mommy calls her a sitter/nanny - whatever that means). She and Simon were hanging out and cleaning up the backyard and porch for my big princess party tomorrow when all of a sudden, Simon pushed a chair over with him in it and hit the floor and busted his lip open. When Kenna went to help him, she stepped on a wasp and got stung. I was so stunned that I just kinda followed them inside in all the chaos. Once mommy got home (by the way, she was taking an hour off to go get her haircut (she's such a bum :)), everything had calmed down. THEN, when daddy came back from his movie, he brought home three live Maine Lobster and so check out the picture of me and daddy playing with the "crab monster". We had a great dinner (and MorMor did a good job "shucking" them too!) and then went swimming with daddy. I'm excited about tomorrow. Mommy and MorMor even ordered me a two tiered princess castle cake. Will have to post pics of the big day soon in case you can't/didn't come. Latuh!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Simon went to the doctor on May 31st and got his 12 month checkup as well as his MMR and chicken pox vaccination. 5% of children that are injected with this "live virus" vaccine actually contract one of the illnesses they are trying to 'avoid'. Leave it to Simon to be that 5%. He got the measles. He had a 103 degree fever for 3 days and then the obligatory rash after that. Then the whole family got a cold that I somehow brought home and we're all starting to free up the kleenex a bit.
I've been practicing really hard at the potty training stuff. I've poopied all by myself twice and I have 3 rows of stars (and a few toys (reward) to show for it!). I'm still not very good at remembering to go to the toilet when I'm watching TV because I get too engrossed with the story but I think I'll eventually get used to that.
I've been practicing on my computer lately and I'm a real pro at the "Puppy" game on Nick Jr.'s Dora section. I'd spend hours playing that if my mommy would let me.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hi Everybody! I ripped the keyboard away from Simon since he was HOGGING it. I'm posting a picture of me with an Easter dress (I had about 4 or 5 this year). Today was a big day. MorMor went ahead and gave me my 3rd birthday (coming June 24th) present VERY early (at daddy's prompting). I got my new Princess Bike!!! I've been trying to ride my tricycle with daddy when he runs but it's getting to be too "small" and Simon needs it to practice soon so NOW I have a big girl bike with training wheels! I LOVE IT! It's PURPLE! I'll post a pic soon!

I've also been getting better at the potty training stuff. MorMor bought me a new potty that sings and talks and flushes. I also got new puppy toilet paper so I was much more interested in the toilet this week. PLUS, I have a reward system now. I get a star everytime I make a "deposit". I have 7 stars already and mommy/daddy say I can go to a "big park" when I get 10 stars! There was even talk of going to Princess Park! (aka DisneyWorld).