Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey there! It's us. Molly & Simon. Our latest adventures have included a LOT of Star Wars. We've been watching the movies and trying to conquer "Star Wars Lego" on XBox & DS. In the meantime, we also got life sabers and in this particular instance (picture), Darth Simon (looking very ominous in underwear) has just captured Princess LeiaMolly. I suppose we should ask mom for a jedi robe next time instead of a Darth Vader mask. Surely she can find some discount brown fabric.
Anyway, we are excited for summer. I (Molly) am a bit tired of schoolwork and want a break. I (Simon) am excited for my birthday number FOUR next month. We are going to have a bouncy house and a big party so plan to be there if you can on May 21st!!! Keep it real!

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