Friday, September 18, 2009

Hey Peeps! It's me Simon. Sorry we're so slow with the blogging. We had a GREAT summer. We went to Minnesota to see the Nelson clan in August and now we're almost done with September. (GEEZ!!) Molly started 1st grade (technically) and has started reading books ALL by herself (Mommy is so proud). I'm still keeping it real trying to play as MUCH video games as my Mommy will let me. I get much more time in than I probably should since it helps me stay out of her hair when she's trying to get stuff done :) Lucky me!

I've actually started Kindergarten this year for the most part. I just turned 4 this summer but all of that time watching Molly in Kindergarten last year has given me too much of a head start. So - the preschool books weren't cuttin' it and Mommy had to pull out the Kindergarten curriculum. Mommy is a little worried that I'll get too far ahead so most mornings, school time is only for Molly so I get more time to play! ;)

I hope all my peeps are keeping it real and hope to hang with you soon. If you're ever in the mood to come play some NCAA football on the 360, I'm totally available. Fuh REAL!!! Latuh!

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