Sunday, May 28, 2006

It's definitely summer, man! It's me Simon. It's hot down here in Florida. Me and the fam have been hanging out at our pool and soakin' up some rays, dude. My MorMor and mom have been busy with a little garden and some yardwork (Mommy cleaned out the gutters yesterday). Daddy has been trying desperately to get his computer fixed but he did take us to the park and swimming on Saturday. I like holidays since my MorMor and Daddy don't have to work!!!

I guess my mom has been trying to work on the company's new software system. I've been trying my best to play with my toys but it's SO much more fun to play with her with my toys so I guess she hasn't gotten much done lately. Luckily, Kenna comes to our house almost everyday to let my Mommy work a few hours. I guess we'll have to post a picture of Kenna soon so everyone out there can see who she is.

I've been practicing new sounds. I usually just hum and say "buh" a lot but I added a "sss" noise to the end of all my words this week. Funny, I can type using a very large vocabulary but I'm still mastering the basics of how to use my mouth for language. Ha!

I've been saying "Muhmuhmuh" for mommy and "dehdehdehdeh" for daddy. And my favorite thing to say is buhduh buhdu buhdu. I'm a HUGE fan of anything green. I LOVE peas and green beans and will even eat broccoli and brussel sprouts if I'm hungry enough. Just because they're green!

As for Molly, she's still trying to understand the point of that thing they call the toilet/potty. Mommy has a new racket going on (a bribe in my book). If Molly uses the toilet 10 times and gets 10 stars, she gets to go to a "BIG" park (one must use their hands out real wide when saying that). Daddy is even trying to talk Mommy into "Disney" as being the "big park" but she was thinking more like Adventure Landing but we'll see. We'll worry about that when it gets here since she's only had one star in 3 days. I would normally call her lame, but I'm not certain yet how I'm going to take to toilet training so I'll reserve my comments for another year :)

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