Tuesday, August 08, 2006

How do you like me now? This is a picture of me eating my Superman ice cream from the ice cream truck. I have a way with eating that you have to experience in person, dude. So like, we're so behind on this blogging stuff. We were actually well (not sick/ill) the past couple weeks so we've been enjoying our days and haven't gotten around to blogging. I've learned how to say yes (I shake my head up on down) and I now say "meh" for milk and "mumu" and "mauwmuaw" for mommy and mormor and "dehdeh" for daddy. I say "boon" for balloon and "bah" for ball. I've learned the sign (language) for milk. I dropped a can of green beans on my toe the other day but that hasn't slowed me down that much. I am getting steadier on my feet everyday and learned how to punch, bite and kick my sister. PAYBACK for all the torment she gave me when I was learning to walk. I beat her up daily and she sometimes even provokes it. I hope you all have had a great summer. Peace out, homeys! Si

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