Friday, September 01, 2006

Mommy finally downloaded her camera (from June!!) so I'll be posting picture(s) from my birthday soon!! The pic of today is Slimy and me playing with powdered sugar. I asked Mommy for some "Puppy Chow" (the chocolate/peanut butter chex mix stuff) and when she turned toward the refrigerator, Si dumped the entire box of powdered sugar all over the oven and floor. We immediately found the opportunity as very enticing and proceeded to play in it. Mommy was laughing (she decided to do that instead of cry) and found the camera. We LOVE to play with sticky messy things. Simon is good at instigating messes but I'm good at helping to exacerbate it all!
We're going to the zoo again tomorrow with Daddy while Mommy goes to some training and my favorite thing lately is hanging out with Gigi and Dae and spending the night at their house on Saturdays. Speaking of grandparents, my MorMor was looking at houses yesterday and might get a place for me to terrorize this winter!!! Woohoo!
Mommy and Daddy are still waiting to hear about a big client that they presented for last week. If they get the account, we have to hire more people (and it'll help pay for the "remodel" that we're doing at the JAX office on October 1st). Have a great day!

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