Tuesday, September 12, 2006

So here's a picture of me back in August. I was on my way to a friend's "carnival" birthday party in Jacksonville. MorMor put my hair in pigtails and I went with GiGi to Mackenzie's party. Check out my mommy's "favorite" dress. I added the sparkly gold necklace for flair.

We've been staying busy. We go to the zoo every Saturday (me, daddy and Si). Daddy went on a 2 day biz trip to St. Augustine, FL this week so we're excited for him to come back. In the meantime, I've been working on my "potty star chart" and I got enough stars to get a new baby doll with a matching Disney Princess doll crib. I'm on my way to getting the matching stroller. I've already got enough stars (had to get 30!) to get Fairy Dora (thank you MorMor!).
Simon has been learning a new word every few hours. He used to just shake his head up and down when he wanted to say Yes, but now he also says ''mhmm". Does that count? I've taught him well. The other day he decided "MINE!!!!" was his favorite word and I think it's mine too. Get it? MINE too! So funny!

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