Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hey everybody! It's me Molly (pronounced mawyees) Mudd. I'm posting a picture of me in my princess hat. It rarely dips under 60 down here in Florida but I do have my "ski hat" ready for when it does. Me daddy and Si were putting a puzzle together as you can see.

Mommy and Daddy have been super busy with the business this month and last. They expanded the offices in Jacksonville and mommy remodeled it all. It's VERY colorful (I'll have to post some pics).

Mommy's good friend Stacey's mommy (Carol Osterberg) passed away this past Sunday. This weekend, daddy is going to play with us a LOT while mommy does a REAL fast trip up to see Stacey and my friend Kailey and hopefully gets to pay her respects at the funeral.

Otherwise, we're gearing up for Christmas. I've been nagging and nagging mommy and Kenna for a "tiny" tabletop Christmas tree to put in my room. I LOVE birthday parties so Christmas sounds like SOO much fun that I talk about the cake we're going to have ALL the time.

Sorry we're so intermittent with our posts but the Mudd family keeps a busy schedule!!!

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