Friday, November 24, 2006

What's up, dude? Here's a picture of me (Simon). Molly was chasing me around the house with the camera and I was cornered so I turned around and gave her an earful as you can see. The rest of the pictures that Mommy downloaded were of the back of my head. Mommy just kept giggling and I still don't understand why.

So, we had Turkey Day yesterday and were thankful that Gigi made us a fancy meal over at her house that was very yummy. I ate LOTS of potatoes. Molly ate LOTS of turkey.

I'm still a little annoyed with my mommy (as is Molly) when she left us for a weekend to go visit her friend Stacey. She says I'm just being stubborn because it was important that she go and visit Kansas City when Carol Osterberg died. Mommy was very sad but she brought back some toys and lots of stories about our friend Kailey. She said it was nice to get away for the weekend in spite of the sad occasion but I didn't see it as "nice" but I've got to learn to be a big boy pretty soon anyway and MorMor was here so she softened the blow :)

I've been watching all of Molly's Barbie and Princess movies with her this month. I'm getting pretty good at plies and twirls so I keep hearing Mommy say that I'm getting lots of boy/manly toys for Christmas.

That's the skinny for November. Here's to an enjoyable December [bottles clinking]!

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