Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hey everybody! It's me Molly. My daddy and mommy and Simon and me went to the Orange and Blue game in Gainesville in April. It was super fun. I even got to do "high fives" with some cheerleaders and one of them took a picture of me and mommy (see picture). As soon as we walked into the stadium, Simon and I were yelling "Go Gators!" and doing the chomp. It was pretty hot but fun just the same. Plus, to add to the fun, we had our van towed and had to wait for an hour to get that back. (We blame ourselves but Mr. Mike [Barile] suggested we park there - and he got his car towed too.)
I'll have to try to post again tomorrow so I can post more pictures. I'll give Si the reigns tomorrow because it'll be all about his SECOND birthday. Can you believe he is TWO????? He's already 37" and 30 pounds. He's going to be our tall basketball player. Mommy says he'll be a Jayhawk and Daddy says he'll be a Gator. We'll have to wait about 16 years to find out!

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