Friday, November 14, 2008

Hey Peeps! It's me Molly. I have a story for YOU! Simon Elliott (my little bro) thinks he's too cool. He tried to help mommy fill the van with gas on Tuesday and was able to yank the nozzle out of the car with gas still spewing out of it. He's such a twerp. I'm a little tired of his "No ME! I will do it all by MYSELF!" attitude. He's such a 3 year old. Geesh!

Mommy got most of the gasoline (smell) out of their clothes but she wasn't all that impressed with Simon this week.

As for me, I've been learning my phonics and letters and a few sight words and can read a simple sentence if I put my mind to it. (Kinda bizarre that I can type full paragraphs and coherent blogs, huh?) Math is MUCH easier for me. I was learning how to subtract from 3 and 4 this week. I was practicing my dance steps (for dance class) last night too. I'm learning as much as I can every day! Later!

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