Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hey Peeps! It's me Simon. Like the pic of me noshin' on a totally Strawberry Vanilla Lollipop?! I had myself a totally tubular Christmas, dude! Hope you did too. I got so many Hot Wheels toys that I could start my own museum. Come on down and I'll let you in for free, man!

Mommy got me a new "curriculum" for my school last week. She says I'm starting to work on Kindergarten stuff. I'm still 3. Geez, mom!

Otherwise, you can catch me playing my Nintendo DS trying to save Princess Peach in Super Mario Brothers. OR, Molly and I are trying to save the world and/or universe in Lego Batman (XBox 360). I'm a video game junkie and already need therapy, but that's cool with me. It's driving my grandmother batty, but we'll just blame it all on mom, right???

See you on the flip side. Over and OUT!!!

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