Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hi Everybody! I ripped the keyboard away from Simon since he was HOGGING it. I'm posting a picture of me with an Easter dress (I had about 4 or 5 this year). Today was a big day. MorMor went ahead and gave me my 3rd birthday (coming June 24th) present VERY early (at daddy's prompting). I got my new Princess Bike!!! I've been trying to ride my tricycle with daddy when he runs but it's getting to be too "small" and Simon needs it to practice soon so NOW I have a big girl bike with training wheels! I LOVE IT! It's PURPLE! I'll post a pic soon!

I've also been getting better at the potty training stuff. MorMor bought me a new potty that sings and talks and flushes. I also got new puppy toilet paper so I was much more interested in the toilet this week. PLUS, I have a reward system now. I get a star everytime I make a "deposit". I have 7 stars already and mommy/daddy say I can go to a "big park" when I get 10 stars! There was even talk of going to Princess Park! (aka DisneyWorld).

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