Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Simon went to the doctor on May 31st and got his 12 month checkup as well as his MMR and chicken pox vaccination. 5% of children that are injected with this "live virus" vaccine actually contract one of the illnesses they are trying to 'avoid'. Leave it to Simon to be that 5%. He got the measles. He had a 103 degree fever for 3 days and then the obligatory rash after that. Then the whole family got a cold that I somehow brought home and we're all starting to free up the kleenex a bit.
I've been practicing really hard at the potty training stuff. I've poopied all by myself twice and I have 3 rows of stars (and a few toys (reward) to show for it!). I'm still not very good at remembering to go to the toilet when I'm watching TV because I get too engrossed with the story but I think I'll eventually get used to that.
I've been practicing on my computer lately and I'm a real pro at the "Puppy" game on Nick Jr.'s Dora section. I'd spend hours playing that if my mommy would let me.

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