Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Here's a small taste of the room that mommy built. It's the creative studio at AXIA where mommy and daddy work. They got new furniture and lots of colors on the ground as you can see. Mommy even got an orange wall in the mix (her favorite color is orange). It's a work in progress. They still have more furniture and art for the wall to buy so you'll have to come visit and check it out in 2007.
Simon and I (Molly) are gearing up for Christmas. We're excited for the birthday party that we're going to have for Jesus. I've decided that he wants a pink princess cake to celebrate. I'll blow out his candles for him and I get to open LOTS of presents.
Mommy and MorMor went to a Cookie Exchange on Sunday so we've been noshin' on cookies. Plus, that day was exciting because Mommy's van blew the battery and we were stuck at the gas station until mommy and MorMor came to "rescue" us. At least mommy has a new battery now.
I better get back to playing. Just had a minute to blog a bit this morning. Later! Love, Molly

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