Thursday, December 18, 2008

Okay - so it's me Molly. It' s only FIVE more days until my 1/2 birthday dinner at Chili's. I'm SO excited. It's also only SIX more days until our Christmas show. I'm singing Silent Night at our Christmas Eve Service at church on (wait for it)...Christmas EVE!!! I sing Silent Night with daddy ALL YEAR long for my lullaby every night so I know all the words REALLY well. It's also only SEVEN more days until I open up about a gazillion Christmas presents from my Mormor (plus a bunch more from Gigi and Dae). I wish the Christmas season wasn't SOOOO long!! We do have an advent calendar on the wall that we made that has a piece of candy for us as we count down. I just wish we could eat that candy faster!!! ;) It's 65 degrees here and we're going to go over to the park and play some soccer. Hope everyone is having a great winter!!!! Love, Molly

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